Congrats Yahtzee!

The Ulti-Mutt Cutie of 2021

Our Amazing Sponsors

Resilient Hearts Animal Sanctuary

"Resilient Hearts Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue, established in May, 2019. Resilient Hearts was established to honor the trauma and turmoil that we all endure, and to grow and persevere through our relationship with animals. The animals we save are an example of resilience; often abandoned or found as strays. Our animals shift homes, go through illnesses, and do so while offering their trust and love. Their hearts are warm, and they are the lesson many of us need."

What is Pooch Playoffs?

Every year the pupparozzi are on the lookout for the cutest canine in the greater Seattle area. For 2021, Lainey Anais Arts unleashed a new competition benefitting Resilient Hearts Animal Sanctuary.

For a $99 donation to Resilient Hearts Animal Sanctuary, pups were entered into a bracket-style competition with a chance to earn exciting prizes from sponsors. 

Contestant's donations include a 5 x 7 metal portrait of thier pup and an epic doggie bag of treats and goodies!

Don’t paws, there are only 16 spots available.